Small Business Ideas in India

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Small Business Ideas in India

alt="Small Business Ideas in India"

Starting your own business can be an overwhelming task. Still, not following the daily and monotonous 9-5 office routine and making all the decisions yourself is one of the best feelings in the world. However, not everyone is able to fulfil the dream of running a business, usually due to insufficient funds. but not anymore! With many low-investment business ideas that also offer good profits, you can now start your own business and turn your passion into a profession. So here in this article we are going to cover the best small business ideas in India.

alt="small business ideas in india"

Juice Points

As more and more Indians become health conscious, fresh juices without preservatives are emerging as a popular healthy alternative to cold drinks. This is why Humble Juice Bar has made it as a top choice in this small business ideas list for India for a potentially successful venture. While one is this, especially related drinks (perhaps less healthy) in the summer, diverse drinks such as lemonade, buttermilk and lassi may work well for this small business. Of course, anyone can decide to go the whole hog and start with a fully loaded food truck instead. As long as the food / drinks provided are of high quality and all required permits are in order, ensuring the success of this business idea should not be too difficult.

alt="small business ideas in India"

Fashion designing

The business centered around clothes and jewellery has always been a favourite for women in India. Do you like designing your clothes? If yes, start your fashion business and pay with your own hands by helping your customers convert to fashionistas. Fashion designing is one of the most money-making small business ideas for women, requiring very little investment. Set up a small clean corner of your house as a working studio and start by preparing your friends and neighbours. Become a successful fashion designer inspired by women’s success stories and create your own brand.

alt="small business ideas in India"

Event Organizer

People like to celebrate but no one likes to go through the hassle of interacting with caterers, hotels, DJs etc. You can start organizing events in no time by connecting with the respective vendors. With a growing culture of celebrating every event of importance in life. Event organizers are in high demand. This is also a kind of small business idea.

alt="small business ideas in India"

Bus Service Website

It is a low-cost internet-based business that can make you a millionaire. As 90% of the people travel by buses in India and people always like to know the bus schedule and all the details related to it, such as ticket rates, bus routes etc. So, it can be a very profitable business and that too, a small investment if you allow people to simply book from your website or app. A bus service website like which provides details about all this will prove to be very useful. It will also provide details of the channels from which tickets can be booked or they can earn their commission by booking tickets themselves. Accurate knowledge of interstate and intercity bus routes is required in this business. However, excellent IT skills are required to maintain the website and communicate with customers.


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